What is the ideal length of a blog article? Does word count matter?

There are a huge number of guess made about the suitable or ideal length of a blog article. Everyone has his/her own thoughts and thing to say about it. Neither there is any specific word count mentioned by Google nor by any well-known blogger. So that is why I am here with a perfect piece of content on – What is the ideal length of a blog article and does the word count matter?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is no specific word count mentioned by Google that you need to write this much longer article to make it to the search engine result pages (SERPs).

What is the ideal length of a blog post? Does word count matter?

what is the ideal length of a blog article

To answer this question, I may ask you a question – Who is the God of the Cricket?

Now many of you might say – aahh!! is this a question to ask… of course it is our nations and world cricket’s pride Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

But now search this question in Google and then see the result. What you will find is not a simple answer but a series of search results that provide more other info. You can create a heading “Who is the God of the Cricket?” and then write an answer to the question “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar” but is that enough for you as a searcher.

What I want to say that “Everything depends on the intent of the searcher.”

Now, if you search for this – “Age of Sachin Tendulkar” you will get a simple answer “45 years” (as per the current date).

This is what you need to understand that what is the topic and what you are going to write about it keeping in mind what the searcher wants to read.

If you look at the best SEO plugin i.e. Yoast then it will give you a green signal for the word count once you cross the 300-word count. But as per the study done on millions of pages on Google, the first position goes to the article with at least 3000 words (near about that). So from 300 words to 3000 words is a huge gap. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it to the SERPs with a 300 to 500-word count article.

It all depends on the searcher intent and also the quality that your article brought up. It is no good to write down a crap of 3000 words that is not adding any value to the searcher.

Now the question asked in the article heading (what is the ideal length of a blog article and does word count matter) can be answered simply as no word count doesn’t matter and there is no ideal length for an article. But will that any value to the searcher intent. Will that let you know why the word count or article length does not matter? Will that tell you if word count doesn’t matter then what matters the most?

So always remember that “Quality is the King” and that is what makes a content valuable.

What matters instead of the article length or word count is, what value you are providing to the user. Always try to write keeping in mind the searcher intent. The best way to write a blog post is “what, why, how.” This means in the first part of the article write about what it is, then write about why it happens and then try to give a solution by writing how it can be solved.

This will add the value to your readers. As there is no point and even no good in writing things that the readers don’t want to know. For the betterment of the readers, you can also add a “table of content” to your blog so that he/she can skip to the main part of the topic if they already know something that is there in your article.

Wrap Up

So to wrap the thing out I must answer the question – What is the ideal length of a blog article? Does word count matter?

No, there is no ideal length for a blog article as you have to decide it how long or short it could be with all the valuable information you fetched into it. So what is the outcome is that No, the word count doesn’t matter at all. Your article needs to be a valuable read for the searcher more than longer or shorter piece of content.

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