7 top-notch reasons why your business needs SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful tool in the digital marketing industry. It is one of those practices that can lead to glory for your just started or falling or developing business. SEO is very important for you and your business and that is why I am here to tell you on the behalf of whole Edwise Tech family that here are the 7 top-notch reasons why your business needs SEO.

7 top notch reasons why your business needs SEO

As many people have some misconceptions regarding how SEO works and that leads to the doubt of whether you need it for your business or not. But we are here to clear that doubt and tell you the reasons you should definitely go for the SEO of your business or website.

Top 5 misconceptions about SEO

Before moving any forward let me tell you or notify you what are the misconceptions in the mind of the people regarding the SEO. There are many misconceptions about SEO but I am focusing on the common and major ones only. Here are they-

* We are new in the business, we don’t need SEO right now – It is one of the biggest and very common misconception people have about the SEO. They think that the SEO is not needed for their business or website right now. And they will hire someone or look into the SEO thing later on when the business will set up. To be honest, SEO goes side by side right from the beginning i.e. from the time when your site was in the phase of web designing and development. It is from that point of the time that your site needs SEO.

* SEO is simple and one time process, we will check it later on – Another big delusion people have about SEO that it is a simple thing that is not worth to spend money on. And if they have to spend money then it is a one time process and they will get someone up for this task when the business will be set-up perfectly. But they don’t know how important the SEO is for their business and it is a long-term process.

* SEO is all about links to the site – People thinks that Search Engine Optimization is all about the links to a webpage and nothing big then that. They have a misconception that its all about getting too many backlinks to their site and the site will rank. You can’t deny the value of the backlinks but at the same time, it is more about the quality of the link than the quantity. A powerful authority link is much more valuable than twenty links with low-quality links. And that is why it is not an easy task as it was in the earlier days of SEO.

* More keywords means better SEO and ultimately better rankings – One of the many misconceptions is that you have to insert the keywords in the article or page somehow and that’s it. It was the story of the past when keywords were all the impact on the ranking of a webpage in the SERPs. But gone are those days when keyword stuffing can work for you. Though the keywords still play an important role but not keyword stuffing. Long tail keywords are gaining popularity and content is valued over the keyword stuffing. And the reason is quite simple, people are on your webpage for gaining some information and not to just look-out at the keywords which are scattered everywhere on the page.

* Our site is already ranking at #1 in the SERPs, we don’t need SEO services – The last common type of SEO misconception people have is that their brand new site or well-maintained site is already ranking for the major keywords at top spot in the SERPs and that is why they don’t need any sort of SEO. But they forget to think about the number of visitors flowing to their site using that query and will they maintain that ranking for long as SERP results are changing day by day when Google make certain changes in the search algorithms. It is good to get ranked at the top spot in the search engine giant but maintaining those rankings and be there at the top for long is the main thing.

Also, ranking for the right keyword is also important so that it may take visitors with it to your site and which ultimately results in your earnings.

So these are the top 5 misconceptions about SEO that many people have but they don’t know the reality of SEO.
Now let’s move towards the major part of the post that is 7 top-notch reasons why your business needs SEO. All the seven reasons are related to one another and here are the 7 top-notch reasons for it.

7 top-notch reasons why your business needs SEO

1. Cost Effective – For sure SEO will cost you money and there is hardly anything in the world that is free. As far as I know, there is nothing free in this world. But when you compare it with the other marketing things like PPC, Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Purchasing Leads for Email Marketing, etc. SEO will be there with the best ROI. Though PPC will drive you more traffic and social media marketing will get you more online presence but SEO will provide you long term SERP rankings and genuine visitors flow which are on your site for a reason.

It is effectively a cheap and best tool to get your site or business turn into something big and precious. If you pay more attention to your SEO it will be just like relationships which becomes better and better if taken care off. And more than that it is adjustable, with adjustable I mean, you can adjust the budget as per your pocket and need. It is not necessary you need everything done for your site. Some of the easy things you can handle yourself and rest yourself and rest of them you can spend money on by hiring a firm with best SEO services.

2. Content Management – It is very important these days to put more content on your site. And a blog is one of the best things to do so. People come to your site for gaining some information and even if it is a store or e-commerce site still, you can educate your visitor about your product by putting the quality content in your blog section about that product.

This will not only educate your visitor about your product but also gives him the chance to know your services better and later on convert the visitor into a customer. So content management is the much-needed thing and for that, you want keyword research and for keywords research, you need better SEO services. So SEO is an essential part of every site whether it is a blog or an e-commerce site. Having a good SEO plan for your site also take care of your site’s UX and UI and a good SEO analyst can surely tell you whether or not your site needs a makeover or redesign.

3. Better Rankings – With high-quality content and great UX and UI of your site there is hardly anything that can stop you from making it to the SERPs. But for that, you need to take care that you do the SEO perfectly or if you don’t have any sort of knowledge about it then you pick up a great agency that can do the task for you and perform only the genuine White Hat SEO services on your site.

Also, remember that SEO is not a magic and SEO Analyst is not a magician that can spell a magic and SEO will be done with hours or a month. It is a slow and steady process that takes time to show results. If you ever met an SEO analyst who says that he/she will take your site to #1 spot in a week or month don’t believe him unless he/she is from Google’s search quality team 😛 But to be honest, SEO takes time.

At least three months of time is needed to see what is happening with the site and understanding what is needed t be done apart from the basic White Hat SEO technique that you put-in in those three months. After that, you can be told which strategy will work for your site and how long it can take for your site to be seen in the SERPs.

4. High CTR – With some great SEO on your site and it ranking on the top of the search engines what you can expect is a high click-through rate (CTR). And with a high CTR, you can get a huge number of visitor s traffic flowing to your site. With such a huge traffic flowing to your site you can definitely get the desired results which will be huge sales, lead generation, sign-ups, or whatever your landing page needs the visitor to do. So SEO can give you a better ranking and with it the high CTR too.

5. Reviews – As a courtesy of SEO your site is ranked at the top of search engines and it is getting high CTR. With high CTR your product is being sold to many and people are leaving the reviews about the product on your site. These days people love to see or read the reviews online. So with all positive reviews or maximum positive reviews about your product you can guess some more hike in the visitors’ flow. So it is very necessary to have SEO for your business.

6. Local Presence – What if you are having a business and your own locality don’t know about it? It is something that will put you in an awkward situation. But with SEO you can get the local presence and appear in the local search results. All you need is to hire an SEO analyst or a top-level SEO services company and tell them you need to appear in the local searches.

Local place searches can give you too many sales as people know you locally and have some faith in you too rather than buying the same product from somewhere else. Business is all about trust and honesty and that what SEO can bring to your business.

7. Brand Awareness – With all the above things happening with SEO the last thing that it can bring to your business is that now your business is not only a business, it becomes a brand now. And this is what SEO can do for you and your business, it will change your way of looking at your business and create the brand awareness among the people both online and offline.

So these are the 7 top-notch reasons why your business needs SEO. I hope you understand the need for SEO of your business and will look into this matter for sure. There is no such cheap and extraordinary thing that will take your business to such a level and that’s too honestly and genuinely.

If you are looking for the SEO services then Edwise Tech is here with its top-notch white hat SEO services at an affordable and unbeatable price range.


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