7 prominent reasons eating up your business & It’s time for the website redesign

Are you using an outdated PC or laptop with Window 98 and Intel Pentium 2 processor?

Do you eat a cake, cookie or a medicine which is recently completed its expiry date?

I am pretty sure that No, you don’t eat and you aren’t using an outdated PC or laptop. But why I am asking this question to you?

When you are not using or eating any expiry date material then why your site has an expired design.

need of UI and UX

Yeah, it’s damn true that just like every other thing there is an expiry date for the website design too. And there is every reason that you need it to be changed so that it might not eat up your business. The design that was loved by everyone back in 2000’s is not loved these days.

You can take the example of your phone. Back in 2000’s people loves Nokia 3310 featured phone. But now they love iPhone X.

So change is the need of time. And with this, your site design needs to change too. You have to add new features and include extra factors to make the user happy and click.

So here are 7 prominent reasons that are eating up your business and it’s time for a website redesign.

UI and UX

First of all, let me clear that UI is User Interface and UX is User Experience. So here we take the example of Google’s Homepage. In the old days, say a decade ago, Google’s homepage was something like this

Old Google Homepage

And now it is like this

You can clearly see a difference in the simple homepage of the search engine giant. The new one looks more attractive than the old homepage. And it is also pretty easy to use as there are a few links and that’s too of different tabs. In the old days, there were links to different things all over the homepage.

So a simple yet attractive User interface is what the demand of the current generation is. With an easy UI, the visitors of your site also need a simple navigation experience or user experience. So the site looks to be easy to use and look around.

So it is time to get your website redesigned. And redesigning the site will give your visitors ease of interaction.


responsiveness of a website

The change is not only limited to the UI and UX. With the change in the technology, the site’s responsiveness is also to be checked. Back in 2000’s, there were not too many or any smartphones. People tend to go to the cyber cafe and sit in front of a desktop to use the internet.

But with the change in technology, smartphones came into existence. And now more and more people love to use the internet via the mobile devices.

You can get the idea from the stats that around 52.64% of the people use the internet via phones globally.

Now with so many mobile users, if your site is not responsive then you are missing out on a heavy number of visitors. What responsive site means is that your site can automatically adjust its size as per the type of device it is accessed through. Think if you landed on a site that is not responsive and you feel awkward using that site then how long and how often will you visit it again.

The simple and direct answer to this is, you will close the site at once when you find it to be scattered all around the display. And it is quite easy to say that you will never visit such site again. So now you know how important it is to have a responsive site.

Also, Google recently a few weeks back announced the roll-out of Mobile-Friendly Indexing. This means the search engine giant will index the sites which are mobile-friendly and bring more visitors to it by ranking them high on the SERPs.

So if your site is not responsive and mobile-friendly, then it’s time for a website redesign.

It’s a game of 3 seconds max.

You know what; you will hate to wait for a webpage to open late. Every second count in the world of internet. So the speed of your site will harm your profits. And you don’t want it to happen, right.

As per another study, 47% of the mobile users think that a webpage should open up in mere 2 seconds.

While 40% of the people quit the website that takes more than 3 seconds to load completely.

Also, 7% of the conversions got affected with just a 1-second delay of a webpage loading.

So this is how the speed of your site can hurt or save you. And if it is taking more than 3 seconds then it’s time to redesign your site.

Security comes first

importance of SSL

If you are using a site and suddenly you see at the address bar of the browser there is a notification that the site you are using is not secure, what will be your reaction?

You will immediately leave the site and will hardly ever make a visit until or unless it stands out proudly to say you are secured here. That is why security comes first. Back in 2014, Google said officially that the sites with no SSL will be shown with a “Not Secured” tag in the address bar. Also, it can be a big ranking factor in near future.

As per a study, there are 47% of sites that use the SSL and are ranking in the Google SERPs.

So if your site is not using the SSL then it’s a time to redesign your website.

No Images or Too Many Images

Lack of food can kill you true, but the excess of food can also kill you even that’s true.

So a site or a webpage with no image or too much of images will kill your site for sure. People like to interact with the webpage. And with no images, people lose their interest even if the content is of high-quality.

A study says that a site with images gets 94% more views than a site that has no image. So this is the power of images. Even the images on facebook and twitter get you more impressions and views and even reach.

It is a human behaviour that we human beings can remember the things we see more easily. That’s why there is a famous line – “A Picture tells a thousand words.”

But that doesn’t mean that you fill up the whole site with the images because as mentioned earlier, excess of everything is bad.

So if your site has no image or too many images then it’s time to get your site redesigned.

Blog and Regular Content Updation

importance of blog

A blog is not only for blogging and earning money from it. It is also for the information purpose. A user of a static site with many products or services listed there need to be educated about them but how. There comes the blog to the rescue of the site owner.

 A blog can educate your visitors about your products and your services, etc.

And not only this, the blog can help you get ranked for certain other keywords that you weren’t able to use in your static homepage or site. It is also a good source of getting into the SERPs for many long tail keywords. But creating a blog section is not the solution.

You need to keep it up-to-date by fetching in or regularly updating more and more content. As ultimately “Content is the King” and Google is like an animal that is hungry for more and more content.

So if your site doesn’t have a blog section and if it has but not getting regular updates, it’s time for a website redesign.

Call to Action

call to action

What’s the whole point of creating a site if you are not using a call to action button on it?

A call to action button should be placed on every page where a user can find it easily. By using the call to action button you can make your visitor turn into a regular visitor and later on a regular customer. Make them happy and your visitors will provide you more business and ultimately more profit. And if your site doesn’t have a Call To Action button then… It’s time for a site redesign.

Final Words

So do you think your website needs a redesign? If yes, then please do check out the Edwise Tech’s Services tab. We are providing the best web designing services here at Edwise Tech Pvt. Ltd. And don’t let the old and outdated designs kill your business profits.

So overall these are the 7 prominent reasons eating up your business & it’s time for the website redesign.

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