7 Ingredients for writing quality content that makes article delicious

“Quality is better than Quantity” that is what we all know and it is also what we need to follow even in the content writing and SEO. Content writing or On page SEO is one of the major tasks that comes around for an SEO. On Page SEO and modifying or changing or writing a fresh content is always the first step of SEO. So you need a quality article on your site or blog and there are various things that are needed to make the article stand out. That is why I am here with 7 ingredients for writing quality content that makes your article delicious.

7 Ingredients for writing quality content that makes article delicious

A quality content is easy to expect, think, and say but it is hard to deliver, compose, and write. But being a hard job it doesn’t mean that it is impossible, what does this mean that it needs some out of the box efforts to write a quality content.

Benefits of Quality Content

7 Ingredients for writing quality content - content is the king

Before making effort for anything, it is a human tendency to know the benefit of making the efforts. This is why it might be important for some of you to know the benefits of quality content. So here they are –

a. Genuine and Regular Readers: Once your readers come to know that your site has the well researched and a high-quality content then they will be coming back to your site regularly. That is the power of a quality content.

b. Search Engine Credibility: When your article is well researched and provide everything to the reader then the chances of your article making it to the SERPs is also very high. Google loves the content that is having a good quality and also readers satisfaction.

c. Lead/Sale Generation: A content with high value always get more engagement and with more engagement comes the high amount of sales or lead generation. The regular and genuine visitor of your site will have a huge amount of trust on your site and this is what brings the lead or sales.

d. High-Quality Link Flow: When your site is having the high-quality of content and it is making it to the SERPs, the readers will leave the valuable reviews or comments appreciating your efforts in writing that content. This will get your site many high-quality backlinks flow from many relevant sites.

e. Social Sharing: It is quite obvious and very well-known factor that a content that provides a complete solution (also info about the problem and the cause of it) is taken as the quality content. And a reader who gets the solution will definitely share that content with others on a social site.

There many advantages of having a well-researched content on your site but these are some of the major benefits of quality content.

Now, let’s move to what makes a content valuable and how to do it to get the benefits. So here are –

7 Ingredients for writing quality content that makes article delicious

1. Headline –

use better headline to write a quality content

A headline or the title tag of an article is very important. It is the first thing that a reader looks at and decides whether or not he/she is going to click on it to open it. So it is very important to write down a fantastic and irresistible heading that make the searcher click and open the article. But never write misleading headlines it will have negative SEO impact on your site. Try to write the genuine headlines in an extraordinary way. Use keywords, number, adjective, action, etc.

2. Meta Description –

great meta description for a quality content

Just like the title tags or headlines, the meta description is also very important. Though it has no direct impact on the SEO of the article but it provides the glimpse to the searcher that what is inside the article. And that is what attracts the searcher after the headline to click and open the article. Once again the objective is simple, write the genuine but attractive meta description that makes the searcher click on the link.

3. Facts –

facts and figures play an important role in writing a quality content

Facts and figures are always an attraction to the readers. The numbers never lie and that is why they give an extra benefit to make the user glue to the same article for long. So try to collect the facts and the figures and present them to your audience and make the article interesting for them.

4. Accuracy –

Just like the salt in the food so is the accuracy of the facts. Always try to present the right number and facts to your readers. Don’t add something from your own to manipulate the readers and get them engaged for long. It is the responsibility of the author to find the accurate and perfect facts and figures and then to present then. This is what makes an article well-researched.

5. Media –

need of media is necessary to make a quality content stand out

Use of media always plays an important role in a piece of content. That is why it is said that always use an image or a video in an article because “a picture tells a thousand words.” And if possible use the infographics, they are the best thing to showcase the fact, figures and media all in one. Infographics are also very popular these days.

6. Problem Solving Intent –

problem solving intent for writing high quality content

With everything on the ready in the pan, the other important ingredient is the problem solving intent.” The reader is there on your site or article because he/she is looking for something. It is your responsibility to provide the best solution to him/her. Try to write as per the user intent. Give them the intro to the problem, then move to the cause of the problem and in the final step tell them the best possible solution for their problem.

7. Up to date –

keep content upto date and make it a quality content

The content with quality is ready to be served but there is an ingredient left that will be needed from time to time to make the article delicious throughout the life of the site. And that ingredient is to keep the article up-to-date. Whenever there is something new come up then try to update your article and make the article up-to-date so that the reader might not feel that the article is outdated and is of no use to him/her.

Final Thoughts

It is always good to write an article that can be easily understandable by the readers. There is no point in increasing the word count for no reason and to make the article longer. Just try to tell what problem is, why it is caused, and what is the solution for it. That is the only thing that the reader wants to know.

Keep it simple and as short as possible. I hope you would like the 7 Ingredients for writing quality content that makes article delicious.

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